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Bus Ministry

Highways and Hedges
Luke 14:23

And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

church bus

What is the bus ministry?

The bus ministry is an integral part of our church since shortly after its founding. Our bus ministry is another means of reaching people with the Gospel. Through it, we have the privilege of bringing in children and adults who would not normally come to church.

Why do we have a bus ministry?

It is a joy to have a bus ministry at Cozaddale Baptist Temple. Over the years, we have reached many souls for Christ, many of which are still serving faithfully in our church and others. Many of the children who ride our busses come from homes that need the Lord. Some find a place of love and respect at Cozaddale. Many come because their friends invited them, but all hear sound, Bible teaching.

How does our bus ministry work?

  • Every week, we visit the areas where we have routes. We follow-up with current riders to see how their week was, encourage them to come to church, and, even try to help them spiritually. We visit new homes to invite others to come to church.

  • Our busses are inspected and our drivers are qualified. The drivers have many years driving experience and a CDL driver's license. Our busses are checked weekly and maintained as needed. They are also safety inspected yearly by the Ohio State Patrol.

  • Each bus has a captain and workers. The captain is in charge of the bus, and leads in activities such as singing and Bible story. The workers assist the captain by passing out snacks, talking to riders, helping out with other activities, and keeping children safe. The captain and workers also visit the riders, weekly, at their homes.

  • When the busses arrive back at church, the riders go to an age-appropriate Sunday School class where they are taught Biblical lessons. After Sunday School, children may go to one of our three Junior churches, or to our main auditorium service. Junior churches are divided by age/grade. Younger children often do crafts and hear lessons from the Bible. Older children have a service geared towards them, with singing, games, and preaching. Teenage young people and older particpate in our main worship service.

  • When church is over, riders are taken back to their homes. The next week, we do it all again!

In what areas do the busses pick up riders?

  • Goshen
  • Milford

If you need or want a ride to church on Sunday, please call the church at 513-722-2064.