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About Rick Sallee, Associate Pastor

I was saved at the age of 14, here at Cozaddale. My mom, sister, brother, and I began attending Cozaddale when I was 12 years old. I was very active as a young person all around the church. I don't remember a special time when I was called into the ministry. I just remember that always being my hearts desire.

I went to Baptist Bible College in 1977 where I met my wife, Lydia, and we were married in May of 1980. The Lord blessed us with two children, Crystal and Rick.

I was always taught that it isn't wise to return to your home church. I tried working at a church in Texas, but my heart's desire was to serve at Cozaddale. In 1987, I called Pastor Woody, and told him I was miserable. I just wanted to return to Cozaddale where I knew I would have to work outside the church. He told me that would be great. We returned home that year and took over Junior Church, a bus route, and a Sunday School class, as well as helping in other areas.

Praise the Lord, that on April 1, 1990, Cozaddale asked us to become full time in the Pastoral staff and the Lord fulfilled my hearts greatest desire. I'm looking forward to serving the Lord at Cozaddale until He comes or he takes us home.