Outreach Ministries

Soul-Winning Visitation

How will the lost world hear about Jesus if someone doesn't go and tell them? We first teach that all Believers should be witnesses to those around us through verbal testimony and actions. We also have a corporate soul-winning time where we can go out as a local church into the community and witness. God promised to bless our efforts if we would go.


We support missionaries of like faith and practice. We support local church missionaries and they are in all regions of the world. We are glad to have a part in seeing people reached with the Gospel where we cannot go.

Mission Churches

God has allowed our church to birth other churches both locally, nationally, and around the world. In addition to already established churches, we have three active mission works in Ohio, Colorado, and Mexico.

Bus Routes

Every Sunday, our buses go out and bring in children and adults who would not normally be able to get to church. Our bus routes currently include the areas of Goshen and Milford.

Nursing Home

There are two nursing homes that we hold services at each week,Melonridge in Goshen and Loveland Health Care in Loveland. We have had the privilege of seeing many of these residents come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Food Pantry

We have a food pantry to help families with food in their time of need. We have been able to assist both our church families and those in the community.

Training Ministries


Our Church has been blessed to be able to have a school ministry, K-12. It was begun out of a desire to be able to academically and spiritually train our young people in a Christian environment, different from the world's philosophies and practices. We believe that the school is not a substitute for parental teaching and guidance, but rather a tool to help parents, as they have the ultimate responsibility of training their children. We are excited about the Christian school ministry and the benefit our future graduates will be to our society, churches, and homes.

Sunday School

A part of the Great Commission is to train others. We utilize Sunday School every Sunday morning for everyone to come and learn more about God and His Word. Currently, we have the following classes.

  • Nursery (0-1 year old)
  • Toddlers (2-3 years old)
  • Kindergarten (4 and 5 years old)
  • 1st through 6th Grade Boys
  • 1st and 2nd Grade Girls
  • 3rd and 4th Grade Girls
  • 5th and 6th Grade Girls
  • Teens (7th - 12th Grade)
  • Young Unmarried
  • Adults

Youth Ministries


We offer a well-staffed and clean nursery for the children of our members and visitors from newborn to three years old. Parents are welcome to keep their children in the service, but we also realize that it may be difficult at times for younger children to sit for an extended period. There is also has a small, private room for nursing mothers.


Our young people are the future of CBT. They, too, are taught sound, Biblical teaching. We encourage our parents to have their children sit with them during our church services. This promotes a family atmosphere and togetherness, which is lacking in our homes and churches. We do have a Junior church on Sunday Mornings through 6th grade. In the summer, children go to camp for a week at Camp Cozaddale. Also, during the summer we have a Children's Crusade, similar to a combined Vacation Bible School.


The Youth Department at Cozaddale Baptist Temple is a vital part of the ministry. There are regular youth activites with an emphasis on fun and spirituality for our youth and parents to attend. Also, for one week in the summer, our teens go to church camp at Camp Cozaddale.

Music & Bookstore Ministries


We sing traditional hymns and sacred church music that is Christ-centered and honors and glorifies the Lord. We have special music during our services to edify the saints and bring glory to God.

We are also blessed to have a Choir. Choir members meet on Sunday nights an hour before the service to prepare to sing during the services on Sunday mornings and evenings. We welcome all church members, seventh grade through Adult, to join us.


Our Bookstore is a resource for our members and visitors to purchase quality books and godly, Christ-centered music. There are children's materials available. We have a collection of sermons on DVD that are available to borrow. There are also cards, ties, jewelry, and other accessories. The Bookstore is open after each service.